Titanium equipment and industrial soundproofing: our experience.

Despite a 70 years long experience and a high flexibility, we are sure that we still have a lot to learn and to offer. For this reason, we believe in the value of continuous research, especially on sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials, which we practice every day in our production site and in laboratories to make our offer sensible to the market needs. An italian and foreign distributors network guarantees a wide presence in the market that, combined with our production of custom parts, is able to satisfy all the customers needs, from titanium screws to nickel and copper cathodes for galvanic industry.

Our offer is divided into two operational divisions.

The Metals Division produces semi-finished products of non-ferrous metals and their alloys for various industrial uses in the fields of Plating, Electronics and Electromechanical, in the fields of the Aluminum Anodic Oxidation, Constructions, Mechanics and of the Manufactured accessories in general.

The Technological Division produces semi-finished and finished products for soundproofing machinery, providing a complete partnership service to the Mechanical, Electronics, Naval, Transport and Construction industry.

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From lead and tin alloys to sound absorbents and sound-insulating materials


Metals Division

Semi finished products and non-ferrous metal alloys



Technology Division

Noise Control Products




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