Antonio and Riccardo Plateo together with Nicolò Guarini found “COFERMET Compagnia Ferro e Metalli Srl”.
The office headquarter is settled in Via del Politecnico, in the historic Swiss skyscraper in the center of Milan.
Production site built up in San Donato Milanese, resulting in a 12.000 sqm built area.
Start up of Technology Division. Thanks to the know-how of Ing. Carlo Pizzetti, Cofermetal develops the production of high-tech noise control materials.
Transformation in COFERMETAL SPA and birth of the company logo.
The 2nd generation takes over in the figure of Cristina Plateo. Cofermetal is the 100th company to obtain the Quality Certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9002 standard with RINA.
Reunion of commercial and production activities in the headquarter of San Donato Milanese, with further expansion of the offices up to a covered area of 16.000 sqm.
Continuity: the 3rd generation enters the Company. Cristina is flanked by her daughter Chiara Varesi.
The quality certification is updated according to the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards.
Modernization of the two historical foundries: a unified, more efficient and advanced production dept is created.
In the context of the planned restructuring and reorganization of the Company, Chiara Varesi takes over the management of the company.
Cofermetal obtains the EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certification, embracing and implementing the risk and context analysis.

Quality production and continuous research.

Cofermetal Srl is a highly diversified company, engaged in the production and distribution of consumables for the industry. Currently the activity is divided into two operational divisions: Metal Division and Technology Division.
The sales network is composed by direct salesmen and independent agents, operating for Cofermetal exclusively on their area.
The business of customer sales and assistance is managed by a team of commercial technical experts, which also support a network of agencies and distributors throughout the country.
Thanks to the experience gained during the years of activity, it is with energy and enthusiasm that we will continue to update production and plants to deal the challenges ahead with quality products.