Titanium Department of Cofermetal, internally designs and manufactures a complete range of accessories for the GALVANIC INDUSTRY.

▪  Baskets made of titanium or zirconium, both rectangular and cylindrical
▪  Titanium baskets cradle shape or custom made
▪  Polypropylene bags
▪  Heat exchangers, immersion flexible heaters, tubular heaters, 1-phase or 3- phase in Teflon, Titanium, Stainless steel 316, Iron, Lead, Pyrex, Glass, Quartz
▪  Serpentine coil, for cooling and heating, made of titanium or zirconium or stainless steel 316
▪  Anodes made of titanium mesh activated with mixed oxides or platinum

Over the years Cofermetal refines and expands its product range by providing excellent standard products but also special equipment designed in cooperation with the customers.