Cofermetal produces a wide range of discs, frames and bimetallic splines for the ANODIC OXIDATION market.

Thanks to its forty years experience, Cofermetal provides specialized technical support to customers , supporting and helping them in finding the most suitable solution for their applications.

Standard equipment list:

▪  Discs DR – laser cut with dovetail springs
▪  Discs DM – with spot welded pliers
▪  Discs DT – with TIG welded wire springs
▪  Frames TM-300 and TM-600 – laser cut with dovetail springs
▪  Frames TV-380 – rectangular shape , with welded springs
▪  Supports with spot welded pliers
▪  2C Collars
▪  Pliers and Springs
▪  Titanium bimetallic splines with ALU core, ∅19 or ∅25 , suitable for all types of discs and frames